University of Kentucky students, faculty and staff may ride any Lextran bus route free of charge simply by showing their valid Wildcard ID, as part of the BluPass program. Questions? Read more below on our route 14,15 & 26 information.
Route 14 - Blue/White Route services the University of Kentucky campus, Kroger Field, and UK Medical Center. For more information about UK's CATS bus service, click here.
Route 15 - Red Mile serves apartment complexes on Red Mile Road and Angliana Avenue, including 524 & 525 Angliana, The Wyatt, University Trails, Campus Court, and Red Mile Village. For UK students, faculty and staff, trips on this route are free with a valid Wildcard ID. For all other passengers, regular fare applies.
Route 26 - UK Green Route serves Kroger Field and Greg Page Apartments. For UK students, faculty and staff, trips are free with a valid Wildcard ID. For all other passengers, regula fare applies.
For more information about UK Transportation Services, click here. 
What is BluPass and how does it work?
BluPass is a partnership between the University of Kentucky and Lextran allowing all UK students, faculty and staff to ride any Lextran bus route free of charge, simply by showing their Wildcard ID.
Who can take part in the BluPass program?
BluPass is available for anyone with a valid Wildcard ID. This includes housing, dining and bookstore partner employees who are also eligible for Wildcard IDs and therefore for the BluPass program.
When did BluPass begin?
BluPass is effective July 1, 2015.
Do I need to update my Wildcard ID in order to use BluPass?
No, all current Wildcard IDs will be accepted for free rides on Lextran buses via the BluPass program. Simply show your ID to the driver when you board the bus.
Is BluPass limited to campus Lextran routes?
No, BluPass means that UK students, faculty and staff have free, unlimited rides on all Lextran routes.
I’m not sure if Lextran is convenient for my commute. Where can I find their routes?
Lextran routes may be found at You can also contact our Community Relations Department for trip planning and travel training assistance. 
What are the benefits of BluPass?
In addition to the immediate personal savings associated with reduced vehicle operating and parking costs, participation in the BluPass program also contributes to reduced road congestion and environmental impact. Members of the campus community are also encouraged to combine mass transit and biking. All Lextran buses are equipped with a bike rack.
The BluPass program is funded by UK Parking and Transportation Services as a proactive effort to decrease single occupancy vehicle use and ultimately reduce campus parking demand.
Is the BluPass program available year round?
The BluPass program is available year-round. Routes may run on an abbreviated schedule or not at all during summer months. 
Are Lextran buses wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the Lextran fleet is 100% wheelchair accessible. Lextran’s current systems can accommodate up to 800 pounds. All buses have 4-point tie downs and most have shoulder belts that control forward and side movements.
Can retirees use BluPass?
Yes, retirees with valid Wildcard IDs may use BluPass.
Does BluPass extend to family and friends of the Wildcard ID holder?
No, BluPass is only for the Wildcard ID holder. BluPass does not extend to family members or friends.
Do you need your Wildcard ID to board the bus?
Yes, you need to have your Wildcard ID with you at all times while riding a Lextran bus as part of the BluPass program.
I am a BCTC student and BCTC is owned by UK. Why can't I ride free?
The BluPass program is part of a pre-paid fare agreement between Lextran and the University of Kentucky. BCTC belongs to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, an institution completely separate from the University of Kentucky. If you are interested in this type of program for BCTC, please contact your student affairs office to ask about Class Pass opportunities.