Riding a Lextran bus may seem intimidating if you have never used public transit before, but it's actually quite simple!  After all, thousands of people do it everyday!  Follow these basic steps to make your experience more enjoyable.  As always, thank you for riding Lextran!

  1. Know the Fare
    The basic Lextran fare is $1 per ride with a free transfer.  There are also discounts and pass options available.  Please visit our Fare Structure page for more information.
  2. Use a Map
    With Lextran's Trip Planner and route maps, you can go anywhere!  Bus route maps and schedules are available online, at the Transit Center on Vine Street, at Lextran Offices on Loudon Avenue, at public libraries, and many other locations around town.  Call (859) 253-4636 for a location near you.
  3. Locate your closest stop.
    Use a map to find out where you are and locate the closest bus stop to your location.  Then, identify what time a Lextran bus will stop at that location.
  4. Locate your destination.
    Trace the route on your System Map or map it on Lextran's trip planner.  If you have to transfer (change from one bus to another), tell the driver as you board the bus.  About two blocks before you reach your destination, be sure to pull the bell cord above the window or press the rubber strip between the windows to signal to the driver that you need to deboard.  Allow the bus to come to a complete stop before you stand to exit.  Always exit through the rear door.
  5. Bicycles and Wheelchairs
    Both bicycles and wheelchairs are always welcome on Lextran buses or trolleys. 
    There is a bicycle rack on the front of the bus--just stow the bike and hop on board!  For more information on how to Bike 'n Ride, click here.
    Lextran buses are accessible and wheelchairs will be secured by the driver before the bus starts moving.  For more information about accessibility, click here.
  6. Paratransit Service
    The American Red Cross WHEELS program provides all paratransit services for Lextran.  Please contact 877-232-7433 to begin the assessment process. 
  7. Ask questions.
    If you are unsure about where you are going, which route you need to take, or which pass you need to purchase, don't hesitate to ask any of Lextran's personnel! 
    If you have any questions that are not answered here, visit our FAQs page for more information!  You may also submit a question online or call one of our customer service representatives at (859)253-4636. 
  8. Basic Etiquette
    When you ride Lextran, you are part of a commuter community.  Every passenger can affect the experience of that whole group, so please keep a few basic courtesies in mind:
  • Have your pass or cash ready to insert into the farebox when you board the bus.
  • Seats near the front of the bus should be available for seniors and riders with disabilities.
  • Fold and stow strollers for the safety of your child and other passengers.
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed on the bus.
  • No alcohol.
  • No pets allowed on the bus, unless pet is a service animal.
  • No radios unless headphones are used and noise will not disturb other passengers.
  • Always exit via the rear door.