Lextran unveils new buses, a fresh look

One of Lextran's new hybrid-electric buses

At a press conference this morning, Lextran unveiled the seven latest additions to the fleet which will begin operation tomorrow.  Two of the new buses are 35-foot models featuring hybrid-electric technology.  The remaining five vehicles are 29-foot models, with diesel engines that adhere to the 2010 Clean Air Act standards.  Manufactured by Gillig Corporation of Hayward, California, the buses are the first additions of this size since 2007.

The Lextran efforts to go green are visible to the naked eye.  The new buses feature a redesigned logo as well as a new blue and green color scheme.  Along with a new website revealed last week, this is the first of many steps toward rebranding the entire Lextran system.

“We’ve taken a progressive step with the purchase of additional hybrid technology, and hope people see our new look as progressive, also,” said Rocky Burke, Lextran General Manager.  “We’re fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase new buses, including smaller vehicles that the community has requested many times.  It just seemed like the perfect time to do some really innovative things.”

The new buses were purchased with funds from a 2009 earmark from Senator Mitch McConnell in the amount of $2.945 million.  Mixing smaller buses with larger buses, as well as hybrid and diesel technology, allows Lextran to maximize resources and diversify the fleet for efficiency.

Lextran reminds passengers as well as members of the community-at-large to take advantage of the opportunity to ride the new buses on Thursday, as part of National Dump the Pump Day.  As part of this annual event sponsored by APTA, all rides on Lextran and WHEELS will be free for the day.