We move people to embrace their independence.

Our mission at Lextran is to provide mobility solutions to everyone in our community. Some people ride because it’s a convenient, cost effective way to get to work. Others may ride because they don’t have a reliable personal vehicle. People like Iris ride for a multitude of reasons.

Iris began riding public transit when she was a little girl. She fondly recalls her mother giving her a bus token and sending her downtown to window shop and play on the escalators. Since then Iris has ridden Lextran at various times throughout her life. Most recently she has given up driving her own vehicle since recovering from a few medical procedures.

“My friends have been asking me ‘Iris, how do you get where you’re going?’ and I say, ‘I just get on the bus,’” she chuckles.


It seems like a no-brainer for Iris. She still has doctor’s appointments to get to, groceries to buy, and bills to pay. Rather than use expensive ride-share services or wait for family to be able to drive her around, she embraces her independence and walks down the street her bus stop. From there she can get all over town.

Iris was quick to comment on the community-like atmosphere created while riding the bus. The operators are always friendly and help her with her bags. The other riders smile and say hello. Everyone seems to know each other and embrace the community they are building together.

“I like to ride the bus because you get to hear all the local news,” Iris jests. “All the regular bus riders know each other and talk amongst themselves and I’m just sitting there enjoying the ride and listening.”

Iris feels more connected to the city because of Lextran. She says that there are so many more things she wants to do and see around town and Lextran will get her there.

“Riding Lextran,” she says. “You can’t beat it.”