May 7, 2017 Updated Schedules

May 2017 Schedules

You can access updated route schedules below--these schedules

will go into effect on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Copies will start becoming available at the Transit Center starting on Monday, April 24th.


Changes to note:

-Please pay extra attention to Routes 1, 7, 21, & 24. These routes will depart the Transit Center at alternate times. This will give you a few extra minutes to make your transfer and to ease congestion at the Transit Center.

-Route 2 will include new service to Innovation Drive. Service to Oakwood and Oakwood Estates will be provided at stops along Georgetown Road

-Route 12 will provide all day service to Masterson Station & McConnell's Trace

-Route 6 will serve Hollow Creek on inbound trips only before 12pm and outbound trips only after 12pm

-Brand new routes include Route 22- Mercer Road & Route 24- Old Frankfort Pike

-Route 25 will run service to Jacobson Park from May 25th-August 27th

-The Summit on Nicholasville Road will be served on all inbound Route 5 trips

-Walmart stop will move slightly from current location so that the bus can serve The Summit after.


Updated Schedule PDFs:

Route 1

Route 2

Route 3 

Route 4

Route 5

Route 6

Route 7

Route 8

Route 9

Route 10

Route 11

Route 12

Route 13

Route 21 

Route 22- NEW

Route 24- NEW

Route 25- NEW